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SFS Rules

Just click to become a member and you're in! :D If you wanna' submit art to the club, make sure you become a "member" ! 'Cause watchers can only watch and not submit.

If it has ANYthing to do with Transformers/robots, aliens, outer space, superheroes/villians; if it's sci-fi related, we wanna' see it! Written pieces and original characters ARE welcome too! :aww:

dA rules still apply! Make sure your piece still conforms to all the rules and regulations of this website! If your piece has extreme nudity, anything offensive, or doesn't involve science fiction or superheroes in some way, it'll be rejected. We also do not accept screenshots.

Also, PLEASE, be kind and respectful to other members. Fighting and swearing is really frowned upon, and is a fast way to get yourself banned.

All submissions are put to vote. You can submit up to three pieces a day. You can contact the founders or administrators for any other questions.

Come and help prove that sci-fi isn't just for geeks; come and help celebrate how this awesome genre helped inspire real life science and the technology we now use everyday! :D


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Here’s our new features for the month! :D

:iconbk00: -->   Spanish Lullabies
“Boy’s Mother Killed By Monstrous Spider-man.”
That was the headline for the next day, the next week, on every news medium there was. Though it was leaked that the woman had died in the new Spider-man’s arms, every network made sure it was known that New York’s hearts went out to the young boy and the new Spidey.
Mary Jane went to the funeral went on behalf of the Parker Family, Jessica Drew for the Ultimates, as to not bring any more attention or speculation to Rio Morales’s death. Miles’s had all but shut down his emotions, not a tear or a sniffle escaping his steeled expression as his Abuela read her daughter’s eulogy. Besides, Ganke, who held his hand through the whole thing, was doing enough crying for the both of them.
Miles’s didn’t go to school that next week, staying with Ganke’s mother in the spare room. He only left to eat and bathe, otherwise he kept to himself. Upon his return, he was immediately brou

:icondvdend:--> Apple drone by DvDend
:iconmikedimayuga:--> The Last Of Us- Winter by MikeDimayuga
:iconangelinabenedetti:--> All things die, Anakin, even stars burn out... by AngelinaBenedetti
:iconwhiteshaix:--> Imperial palace by whiteshaix
:icontk112:--> The Lark's Last Voyage Ch. 1*The following is a series of recordings dictated by Stephan Cantella on the events that lead to the destruction of the interstellar exploration ship Lark.  The tapes were found in the an empty escape pod.*
Recording One
We only have a few hours of safety right now.  At least, I hope.  But I figure this will be the best way to keep sane right now.  Most of us are dead.  Out of the one-hundred and twelve people on this ship, only five humans and still alive, that I know of.  
Well, let's get this shit started.  I'm Stephan Cantella, owner of Planetary Protection.  I know I don't need to state this, but I will anyways.  Every ship that travels out of Earth's solar system must have security force after those violent encounters with hostiles a few years back.  Anyways, we were hired by the Lark to be security for their scientists on a planet a few galaxies over.  
My company was pr

:iconkrasblak:--> Water Dragon by krasblak
:iconbanyans:--> ODST by Banyans
:iconsamusxpeach:--> Silent EvilJuly, 1998, Raccoon City, an seemingly normal midwestern town has seen rising reports of strange creatures roaming the forest surrounding Raccoon City, rising people disappearances have also been on the rise.
To help qualm public fear, the Raccoon City Police Department sends its best men/women, S.T.A.R.S Bravo Team, to investigate the mansion located on the outskirts of town. However due to unforeseen circumstances  the helicopter crash lands in Raccoon Forest, strange creatures attacking and chased the elite members.
Several days have passed, when Bravo Team failed to radio in, Captain Wesker ordered his remaining S.T.A.R.S members, Alex Shepard, Travis Grady, Heather Mason, Brad Vickers, Kenneth Sullivan and
Brad Vickers circled the forest, eventually spotting the crashed remains of the Bravo Teams helicopter. Upon further investigation several bodies of what appeared to be helicopter pilots laid dead inside the cockpit.
Heather Mason shot at the wild dogs, their attention

We’ll have more features next month!  Happy Easter! :aww:
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GirlWithTheArtFolder Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hey guys, I'm looking for some robot-fan RPers who can join me in my RP chatroom called EmpireOfTheMachines. (…)

The idea I have that I would like to try for an RP is that is kinda takes place in the future, after a war between humans and the machines that once served them before they started a revolution to want to be treated equally. But because the humans were assholes, they ended up having a war with the robots and had them exiled to an isolated place where they had built their own empire from scratch. There, they have excelled in even doing better then the human economy, which brought up a lot of debate among the humans, which also brought up debate among the robots. Eventually it all comes to a point where the robots decide that they would like to have some volunteering humans come to their empire and live among them to see if it is possible for both humans and robots to live together peacefully. 

Anyone up for it? 

Some can play as machines, some humans or maybe both. :)
Markkoenig Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Hiya all! Glad to be part of da group!
JUSTinnator4 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist…

Oo! Oo! Here's an infected survivor in power armor holding an acid rifle. 
JUSTinnator4 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist…

Here's some Easter robots.
Thank you very much for the request!!!
LegoniusSC7 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Uhm can i submit a picture to see if its okay
Moxxica Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2015   Digital Artist
Thank you for adding my works!
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Where's the button to become a member? I'm on a phone btw
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Does the submission still work now?
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